Another big love of mine is computing and video games, I work in IT and produce music using a PC, so it seems logical that I must also be a gamer! I began at an early age, given a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k at the tender age of 8, I then moved up to an Atari ST and gaming consoles such as Megadrive, SNES, N64, PlayStation and Xbox to name a few, all which led me to the path of true glory…the PC Gaming Master Race where I now reside and the rest is history..

Today I game online with two of my oldest friends on the PC Master Race Gaming platform and we chronicle our stupidity and banter on our YouTube channel, Hin3’s Her0es. So if you enjoy watching grown men play video games and talk utter shit throughout then why not give us a sub or follow on social media. Expect strong language, stupidity, banter and politically incorrect comments!


As the smoke settled and the blood began to pool, we were the only ones to remain. Lost, divided, yet connected by a greater power.

The power to abuse!

Tired of the usual numpties of YouTube? Then join us here, for non political correctness and a penchant to laugh inanely at the repetition of our own bollocks.

We are Hin3’s Heroes, Purveyors of Button Games and there will be trouble ahead…

The videos below are sorted into playlists, as it’s easier to maintain, you will see a hamburger menu icon in the top left hand corner of each video, here you can open the playlist menu and select which video you wish to stream. Use the left and right arrows to spool through the different playlist videos.

Listen to us talk absolute bilge in the podcast on SoundCloud. Hilarity ensues!