Welcome to my Drum & Bass production page. Here you can listen to all the tunes I’ve produced, whether they be original, remixes or bootlegs. Currently, my most popular remix is Ed Sheeran’s ‘ Shape of You’, which has over 250,000 plays and has had a lot of love. I don’t do this for financial gain, but for love of the music and it gives me exposure, you always get some haters, but for the most part listeners seem to appreciate what I do.

I used to DJ on pirate radio stations such as Lush 107FM in Essex with Skuff at the height of its popularity and then later on when I was rolling solo on Cyclone Radio in Suffolk. Today, I mainly concentrate on production and drop the odd studio mix onto the internet, these can be found on MixcloudHearThis and more recently, Orfium.

I am also on SoundCloud, however, that’s a bit of a sore topic for me as they shut down my pro account. There were a high number of followers and plays on that page, but the ban hammer came down as they decided I was ‘infringing copyright’ by hosting mixes and remixes (all of which were sanctioned competitions via SoundCloud themselves!). The three strike treatment came into play and then lost all the hard work I’d put in building up traffic and followers. My account was also paid for, which meant I lost my subscription to their service for the remainder of the year.

For a while after I was a bit lost, but moved everything to YouTube. Their  approach is that the artist will monetise an unofficial remix rather than penalise the user, allowing it to remain in the public domain. So after I dropped a few bootlegs, traffic and subs have gone way past what I had on SoundCloud.

Subscribe or follow on one of the social media platforms and enjoy the beatz below on HearThis, SoundCloud or the YouTube carousel.

I will also be performing live DJ shows on Twitch, so make sure you keep an eye on the feed below! I like to play everything from old skool Jungle to upfront dubs, so always a nice varied Drum & Bass vibe.