Welcome to Dappacutz!

Although I have been around a fair number of years under the artist name Dappa, a few others decided to also use this name, so some separation was required, so I now go under Dappa.DnB. Initially I was just going to use this site just to concentrate on my DJ/Production of Drum & Bass music, but as I am a keen geek I decided to throw in my love of video games and world travel experiences to flesh out the content a bit and also show a bit of diversity, just like the music!

I never really planned on creating a website, as I host pretty much all my music and the like on social media platforms, but as I deal with web development and hosting as part of my IT career, I decided that I may as well create a site just to link it all together under one umbrella.

So here you will find my latest Drum & Bass DJ sets, Production, Vacation Snaps and PC Master Race Gaming action from Hin3’s Her0es! Hopefully I can increase the content and quality of the site as time goes on! Thanks for reading.